Virgin Hotels Chicago



Meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs is a guiding principle behind every decision at Virgin. So when it comes to building a Virgin Hotel, their conscious is clean and green.

The founder, Sir Richard Branson, has created a strong foundation for his organization to be responsible to our planet, and has gathered like.minded people to put the promise "change buisness for good" into action. In turn, the leadership and staff at Virgin Hotel have committed to improving the guest experience along with reducing their impact to the planet, adopting operations that will move them toward their goal of net zero; net zero carbon and net zero waste. 

This is truly a hotel of the future. When it comes to the rooms, focus has been on how a room works, not just how it looks. And theirs works twice as hard - creating 2 lifestyle focused rooms in 1; the dressingroom and a sleeping lounge - seperated by a sliding set of privacy doors, completed with a second peep hole. Considering every desire and comfort of the modern traveler, they´ve channeled thoughtfulness, creativity, and technology into a bespoke chamber concept that will tickle your fancy. 

Wether you are looking for a place to spend your vacation, write your first (or fifth!) novel, get married or need somewhere to gather your team of workers, Virgin Hotels Chicago have a solution to offer you.