On Tahiti’s peninsula, a dreamy headland seems to be drifting between the mountain and the ocean. Tahitians of yesteryear would come there to scan the horizon in search of shoals of fish or to look out for attacking enemy tribes. They had made it a place of worship.

Here, everything is an enchantment: Welcome to Vanira Lodge. In the hills above Teahupoo, an exceptional two hectare site between the mountain and the ocean, with a 180° view over the lagoon, harbors nine bungalows directly inspired by Polynesian building traditions.

Raw materials are tampered with as little as possible: natural branches with their bark removed, sawn solid wood, walls made of river-rolled stones. Soft lines are everywhere, from the roofs in the shape of a turtle shell or a wave, to the curved walls that create a space that is both cozy and unique.

The limit between the inside and the outside is deliberately blurred: bathrooms have a foot in each world, living-rooms have an open balcony or, more traditionally, a bay window that opens onto a wooden deck. Everything built by local craftsmen in order to blend with the landscape and let you enjoy the surrounding nature, these “fare” all have a clear view of the ocean.

You can choose your own universe from our three types of bungalows: The Nature bungalows - Open onto the outside world to live in harmony with nature, The Spa bungalows - with the coolness of an air-conditioned bedroom, and the luxury of a Jacuzzi with an ocean view, or the Sundeck bungalows with private gardens.

During your stay, they’ll be pleased to cook for you a modern Tahitian cuisine.

There is easy access to bikes, kayaks and snorkeling equipment: to discover the peninsula by land and by sea.

Massage is also available in your bungalow, by appointment. Collective yoga classes on Wednesdays at 5 pm.

Or! Discover nature on horseback: Leisure rides, moonlight outings, camping. Walks through the “mape” forest, and discovery of the petroglyphs. Hike across the Peninsula. Trek along the Te Pari cliffs. The hotels can also help you find options for surfing if that´s what you prefer.