Shaam-e-Sarhad Village Resort



Very simple, rural eco-resort in the true meaning of community-run tourism. The Shaam E Sarhad village is run by the locals and presents a very unique experience - from the food they serve to the decor of the village to the cultural evenings they arrange. 

A sustainable livelihoods and rural development project, at Shaam-e-Sarhad, you are guaranteed a unique experience as you are fully hosted by the local community – all completely authentic and an abundance of culture. 

The resort is situated in Hodka village, surrounded by an area of impressive natural beauty, an ideal location from which to discover the captivating lands of Kutch. Designed in local style, and decorated with mirror work, textiles and other local crafts, the Shaam E Sarhad Village Resort is the perfect gateway to a genuine travel experience of this part of rural India. 


Accommodation at Shaam-e-Sarhad is comfortable, simple and clean. The rooms are set up in local style and decorated with crafts of the area. There are different types of accommodation at the resort: Ecofriendly Tents, Family cottages, Suite Bhungas and Standard Bhunga. All of them have attached bathrooms with a western-style toilet and shower with running water.

Please note that Hot water is provided through buckets. 

Only vegetarian food is served. In the morning, you can choose between an Indian and Continental breakfast. For lunch and dinner a Gujarati and Kutchi buffet is served, with a range of vegetables, Indian breads, and local sweets. Alcohol is not served at the resort. 

Lots to explore nearby! 

- Hodka Artists Village: You will explore its typical village houses, meet different artisan families and admire the finest embroidery styles and leather crafts. You will explore the artisans families to see their nicely decorated and painted traditional houses, learn about their livelihoods and customs and admire their fine Embroideries and Leather work which you can also buy directly from artisans. 

- Dhordo village – You will see beautiful traditional mud houses (Bhungas) with Mirror Work and fine Mutwa (Community) embroidery with tiny mirrors.

- Great Rann of Kutch- to see Great Rann of Kutch near to Dhordo Village. Enjoy the sunset from flat white land.

The resort is open between October and March only.