Rancho Pescadero’s relaxed vibe is perfectly played against a stunning display of nature’s exuberance. The sunset hued, intimately scaled resort is lodged on 15 acres beneath the soaring peaks of the Sierra Laguna mountain range on a pristine secluded beach. A quick drive from Cabo San Lucas transports you to a different place and time.

Built with loving care and attention to detail, the genuine warmth of the staff and the connection to nature leads you to blissful renewal. Fresh air, delicious sparkling fresh food enjoyed al fresco and tasty handcrafted cocktails round out vacation perfection. With 28 well designed suites and two pools; they are for adults only.  

Rancho Pescadero is an independent, non-corporate, labor of love.  This is the story of how this remarkable place came to be.

When owner Lisa Harper opened the hotel in 2009 she did so after drawing her vision on a scrap of paper a mere 18 months earlier. Lisa had owned the beachfront property for years and one morning in 2008 at her home in Sonoma, she woke up with the urge to sketch what was to become the 28 room resort that exists today.

When Lisa first opened the doors she was lucky in that she found people who shared her vision of creating a simple yet sophisticated resort, one that would be comfortable and casual, and yet stylish and luxurious at the same time. Many of those first hires are still working here today. Another bonus was that many locals in the area have worked in the hospitality business further afield and working here was a way to bring their expertise home.

Whether you’re  a couple taking a few days to get away, newlyweds, or a group of old friends catching up, they here at Rancho Pescadero make it their priority to see that you have a good time, and most importantly whatever your version of a good time looks like.

Here at Rancho Pescadero their resort and spa is home to serene oceanfront treatment rooms and a traditional Temezcal sauna. Their inventive menu of spa experiences are performed by therapeutic practitioners devoted to restoring your body to a state of health and wellness. Lotions and oils are hand made using local herbs. In addition to the signature treatments noted below we also offer manicures, pedicures and wraps. Lotions and oils are hand-made using local herbs.

Each of the 26 suites have been carefully designed and furnished to provide relaxing easy going indoor-outdoor living. Pack light. You won’t need much beyond swimsuits, flip flops and casual walk about clothes. Wireless internet is property wide and of course – complimentary. Comfy beds, oversized showers, organic toiletries, robes…yup it’s all here. Whether you select one of our Standard suites (way beyond standard really) or a full on multi-level suite with roof top deck, those soothing ocean waves are just a stroll through the sand away. Your distance from a hand crafted cocktail is just about the same no matter where at the resort you’ve chosen to lay your head. Peruse the amenity list below and get to booking. Your welcome cocktail awaits!

Ahh the joy of food. At Rancho Pescadero they are beyond fortunate. It is plainly – foodie heaven. You drive through basil and strawberry fields until they give way to the sand. And, there they are! Their slapping fresh fish comes out of the water just a few minutes away and is delivered daily. Their Garden Kitchen Restaurant is surrounded by their own organic gardens. If you’ve not been to Pescadero and Todos Santos before then you may not know that the region is one of the largest producers of organic produce in Mexico. So; what they do not grow themselves they can confidently source locally. They have found regional farms to procure their beef, lamb, chicken and pork from. It is a labor of love to bring to the Rancho responsibly grown, fresh items with which to create tasty, yummy delicious dishes and cocktails!

As they are fortunate to be located in a delicately balanced and beautiful locale, they recognize their green efforts are critical to the evolution of Pescadero and Todos Santos. All of the rooms are tied into a grey water system.  The water used in showers and tooth brushing and our laundry provide irrigation for many of the plants on the property. All of the water in the rooms is filtered with a particle filter and a UV filter. The water in the restaurants and bars are triple filtered – adding a reverse osmosis system.  Their water comes from a underground aquifer that flows from the rains in the Sierra Laguna mountains.  Even though it doesn’t rain near the beach very often, it rains more often in the mountains and that keeps the water flowing. In order to conserve precious water: they change towels every day and sheets every other day unless otherwise requested.

They offset the energy used for our pool pumps and heaters with solar power.

They recycle paper, plastic and glass and hand separate all refuse into these categories.

They try not to use too many plastic water bottles and have large containers of filtered water located outside of all rooms to refill water pitchers that are in the guest rooms.  They also have large water dispensers at all pools and restaurants to cut down on the use of plastic bottles of water.

All food grown on-site is done using organic techniques.

Scraps from the kitchen are used in the garden and given to local people for raising pigs and chickens. They use organic fertilizers (chicken poop from non-steroid chickens) instead of chemical fertilizers.

They also support local efforts for the Turtle Rescue, beach clean-up, spay & neuter clinics, local lifeguards and youth scholarship programs.