The Galapagos and its surrounding marine reserve are Natural World Heritage sites of UNESCO. The marine reserve is one of the Seven Underwater Wonders of the world and the second largest protected marine reserve, after the great Australian Barrier Reef.

The Pikaia Lodge concept is designed for the environmentally conscious, physically active and adventurous traveler,who seeks close contact with the unique natural wonders of the Galapagos, with the highest level of comfort and services that could be reasonably provided within the limitations of such a remote, restricted and eco-sensitive location.

Before they acquired the property in 2006, it was a cattle ranch. All native vegetation and trees had been cut down and replaced by pasture. Six years ago they undertook the titanic task of restoring this property to its original natural state. They have engaged in an ambitious program of reforestation with native, endemic species and have set favorable conditions for the wild tortoises and birds to return.

Their 31 hectares of property and private wild giant tortoise reserve are located 450 meters above sea level in the transition zone between the sunny, arid savanna and the lush tropical mist forest of the volcanic highlands. Given its unique location, the Lodge has a special microclimate: warm and sunny with fresh breezes for most of the year, and therefore, mosquito free! During the cooler “garua season” our property is occasionally shrouded in mist. At this time, from July to November, the wild tortoises migrate from the arid zone up to Pikaia for grazing.

As Pikaia Lodge guest, you will enjoy active, quality guided land and marine day programs in small groups with up to 16 guests. At night you will rest in spacious and quiet accommodations.

The evolution restaurant is situated on top of the edge of the crater. It offers an unrivalled view from the pristine Galapagos National Park with its mist covered volcanic cones, to other islands in the Archipelago and our infinity edge pool. It is furnished in a contemporary style decorated with casual elegance, with a subtle artistic touch inspired by the evolution of mankind.