Nimmo Bay Wilderness Resort is an intimate family owned and operated resort located in the middle of the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia. Guests of Nimmo Bay will find themselves exploring the beautiful wilderness either on land, on water, or by flying through the air in a helicopter.

At Nimmo Bay Resort, there is nine spacious-yet-cozy cabins: six intertidal and three streamside, all with breathtaking views of the surrounding bay. All nine of the solid wood cabins were carefully constructed with the surrounding environment and the comfort of our guests in mind.

The intertidal cabins have red-peaked roofs and allow you to experience the rise and fall of the tide right beneath you. These four-room units have a comfortable living area, a washroom and two bedrooms, each with a queen-sized bed. In the green-peaked streamside cabins, you will fall asleep to the sounds of the nearby cascading waterfall. Perfect for a family, these units have a pleasant living area, a single washroom and two bedrooms; one with a queen size bed and one with a pair of single beds.

Whether it be relaxation you’re after or an exhilarating adventure, Nimmo Bay will custom build your trip to suit your comfort levels.