Monverde Wine Experience Hotel



The Monverde Wine Experience Hotel is a sophisticated 4-star hotel which is dedicated to wine tourism and is located in the Duoro Valley in northern Portugal. At Monverde, a passion for wine and for all that nature has to offer is the central feature. 

A stated aim at Monverde is that your stay should be truly unforgettable and it’s bound to be! Monverde wants the stay to involve all your senses, within the vineyard and in the wine, in the grape varieties, and within the incredibly beautiful landscape. 

The concept behind the rooms is to essentially integrate each one of them into the global concept of the hotel, which is to link accommodation with the exploration and production of wine, promoting direct contact with this cultural heritage and with the surrounding landscape. The rooms are spacious and unpretentious in their execution, resulting in a charming space where contemporary aesthetics prioritized comfort, relax and intimate environment. the guests’ rooms include private terraces, which are excellent for meditation and for tasting a good wine.

There are a number of things to do! Sign up for one of Monverde’s wine programs which include wine making and “vinotherapy.” There is also a great spa with gym, sauna, Turkish bath and massage rooms, as well as an outdoor pool and heated indoor pool. 

The Monverde Wine Experience Hotel is green inside out! Several sustainable practices are in place. Here water is reused for watering the vineyard and the surrounding garden. Renewable sources of energy are also a sustainable choice, where solar panels are used for heating the water. Monverde also features organic green roofs, which are critical to maintaining indoor thermal comfort and to enabling the reuse of rain water.

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