Stay in a prison!

Near Södermalm in Stockholm lies the verdant island Långholmen, where an old prison has been converted into a unique, inviting and exciting hotel. The reception has a small café and a small shop is open day and night. There is also a nice pub in the prison, sorry, hotel! The cozy, renovated cells offer all amenities you could think of and last but not least… a captivating charm.

Choose between single cell, double cell or family cell. There is also a great restaurant, serving both lunch and dinner. Afternoon tea is served on Saturdays. 

Långholmen has worked on sustainability issues since the early 1990s. Over the years, the work was broadened to include a broad range of environmental issues such as chemicals, energy and transport. The hotel is certified with the Swedish environmental certification "the Swan". Since 2015, they have also been approved under the Nordic Ecolabel new stricter criteria for hotels. They calculate offsets for their impact on the climate, which is used to support forestry project “Trees for global benefit” in Africa. The responsibility for the environment at Långholmen is an ongoing process.