Hotel Pigalle



On the very best location in the middle of Gothenburg, Swedens third biggest city, is one of our absolute favourite hotel, The Pigalle. Staying her is fun, and even though you don´t ever want to leave your cozy bed, you can´t wait to get to breakfast. 

The colours and design of the hotel are inspired by the sinful Paris of the early 1900’s. You can expect luxury, but above all warmth, personality and passion. The hand-sketched rooms have what it takes to meet your desires and fulfil your wishes. These are rooms to fall in love with, if only for one unforgettable night. They also dare to promise that their imaginative restaurant Atelier and the voluptuous Bar Amuse will quench other types of hunger and thirst.

Rooms comes in three sizes.

Book one of the Petite rooms and expect countless of your dreams to come true. The nights here are so enjoyable that you just want them to go on and on – and the morning shower could preferably last for a hot eternity. These are loose living and very desirable rooms. Step in to one of them and you are bound to realise that size does not matter at all.

The midsize rooms – Classique – accommodate desire, fervour and even prudent hesitation. You can of course get in touch with the outside world via wifi, but that will only make you more convinced to stay here. All rooms have their own tempting personality, but no matter which one you enter you can be sure of one thing: passion thrives here.

Their biggest rooms, Royale, promise something extra – and they keep their promises. Each one of them has a peculiar charm and its own sensuous expression, but they all have room for lots of lust and longing. They are perfect when you want all the modern conveniences at the same time as you want to be swept away by a luring voice from a time when everything was permitted and possible.

The concept of Restaurant Atelier is to avoid getting stuck with a narrow concept. Instead, they have a constantly changing menu with about ten entremets and focus on the ingredients. The flavours follow the seasons and the moods of the chefs. And, if they get their hands on something extra, they just might create a dish that is served only once. They want to throw you of your feet, tease you, create desire and have you longing for more and more until you are fully satisfied. They´re curious, imaginative, skilful, full of finesse and their passion for food and drinks are insatiable. That´s why their food is fantastic and the wines perfect. The service is as attentive as it is personal and relaxed. The setting is luxurious and decadent.

And then, it´s the bar. Bar Amuse is the place you just slip into, but never want to leave. It is the perfect setting for an intimate rendezvous, a quiet cup of coffee or long, voluptuous nights filled with laughter and glittering eyes. Their plates are filled with delicious cold cuts, sausages, cheese and patisseries. The seasons control what they serve, which guarantees that you always taste only the finest flavours. And to really satisfy your cravings in the best way possible, carefully selected beverages accompany all delicacies.

Staying at Hotel Pigalle is an experience that won´t disappoint you, no matter if you stay here for a weekend with your new lover, or if you, like we did, stay here with three kids and a dog : )