Golden Door Spa Resort



The Golden Door is not your usual quick weekend getaway. Here you come for a full week, when you are in need of a more complete recharge. Residing on 600 acres on the western slopes of southern California’s Peninsular Ranges, the legendary Golden Door has established itself as a premier destination spa and a storied retreat for visitors around the world. Golden Door was originally designed in the style of a ryokan, a traditional Japanese inn that welcomes weary travelers.

Though modernized for today’s standard of comfort and luxury, our ryokan offers 40 private rooms conceived for serenity and comfort. The meditative environment, laden with stone walkways, serene waterfalls, Japanese gardens, koi ponds emphasizes sustainability and inspires possibilities for complete personal renewal.

Tailored fitness programs, 20 miles of hiking trails and an abundance of nature to explore will strengthen the body, while inner focus-inspired classes such as meditation, tai chi and qigong stimulate the mind. Spa treatments and a healthy cuisine provide a flawless mix of pampering and wellness.

Decision-making is kept to a minimum, as the all-inclusive schedule and program is created for each individual, allowing a truly stress-free week to unfold. Devoted to recharging your body, mind and spirit? How much distance could you put behind you in an environment in which every detail is a nod to timeless beauty? We limit our guests to 40 each week, so we can offer a four-to-one staff ratio dedicated to your interests, goals, tastes and comfort. Our program is seven days by design because it’s the best way to travel to a place that brings you back to you.

Price is for 7 days, all inclusive.