Do you hear the silence whisper softly in your ears?

Welcome, you have arrived at Eco-lodge Brejeira, a perfect place to enjoy your holidays and savor the peace while you get to know Portugal in a unique and ecological way. Experience the true meaning of “glamping”, or glamorous camping: camping at its best, in a Mongolian Yurt or an old gypsy van. An adventure you won’t forget, experienced in comfort, surrounded by nature. 

Situated in the center of the Algarve, a stone’s throw from the relaxed town of Silves and not far from the coast and the Serra de Monchique, Eco-lodge Brejeira is the ideal base from which to explore all the beautiful places of South Portugal.

This is simple living at its best. If you seek comfort in a jacket of simplicity, wishing to feel nature’s breath tickling your neck and leave as small a footprint behind as possible, you will love Brejeira!

Here, nature comes first. To spare her, a truly ecological path has been chosen. Electricity is provided by sun and wind, water by own source. Toilets, too, are ecological, the content of which ends on the compost heap, to later feed the biological vegetable garden. Environmentally friendly products are used wherever possible and all waste is separated. Guests are strongly encourage to do likewise. Most of the furniture and other items have come from flea markets or second-hand shops from the area and have been given a second life on Brejeira. A small, open, straw bale building serves as a central area of the lodge. 

Accommodation is in yurts or vans. For those wishing to feel alone in the world, rises on a wooden plateau, hidden in a cosy and sheltered corner, choose the yurt: a traditional Mongolian circular tent that has found its way to Brejeira. Hardly separated from its environment by the isolating felt and the outer canvas, the round walls safely embrace you like in a womb. A comfortable double bed offers space for a couple; one or two extra matrasses and/or a baby cot can be provided on request. 

On the spacious veranda in front of the yurt, you can relax in the lounge chairs while you watch the sunset with a glass of good Portuguese wine. Accompanying the yurt, a small round garden house provides the necessary shadow on warm summer days and a cooking area with fridge, allowing you to make simple meals.

If you prefer a different type of accommodation, go for the gypsy or fire van! 

You can make use of the breakfast service. On request, a simple 3-course dinner is cooked once a week. Nearby, in Silves, numerous local restaurants offer a great variety of lunch or dinner.