Nestled away in the Cariboo Mountains, in a setting that is equally breathtaking and pristine, a uniquely Canadian experience awaits. 

Running Horses Canada is known for its spectacular nature, its friendly people and memorable vacations. For a truly unforgettable highlight, we invite you to include Echo Valley Ranch & Spa in your Canadian vacation. You can explore nature on horseback or on a guided hike, experience authentic ranch life and farm fresh Canadian ranch cuisine, try fly fishing, enjoy the fantastic views of the Cariboo Mountains from the large sundeck, or indulge in one of their exclusive spa treatments. Let's not forget about evenings around the campfire, roasting s'mores and enjoying campfire stories after a delicious Canadian BBQ!

Echo Valley was actually never planned to be a hotel - it naturally grew to become this small Canadian paradise what it is today. It's a warm place, not an anonymous hotel. They don't have a reception desk, a dining hall and keycards - at this ranch they have a hall stand, a living room and trust.

Their guests feel a magical effect that their stay has on them, a feeling that they cannot experience anywhere else - because an escape to BC's Echo Valley is truly a vacation from all the artificial aspects of modern life. Here all your senses come alive to realize that everything is just the way it should be, just as nature intended it, as it always used to be. That is the real quality of your Echo Valley experience.

At the resort they redefine the meaning of luxury. Here everything is so natural that it is almost unnatural. 

The ancient connection between nature and mankind helps us achieve harmony of body and soul, so they created an oasis nestled in the untouched Canadian wilderness. Buildings fitting perfectly into their surroundings, animals grazing contently, water from a mountain spring so clear it sparkles and pure Canadian air to cherish with every breath... They value BC's precious resources and use them responsibly. And they love to share this gift - a natural sanctuary - with others who believe in the same qualities like they do.

The spas at Echo Valley Ranch provide a beautiful balance to ranch life. They proudly feature two world class spas with a variety of soothing and exclusive treatments. The blend of classic European and authentic Thai therapies creates a one-of-a-kind experience in true Echo Valley fashion. The guests are pampered through luxury and relaxation.

Here, they believe in eating fresh and eating local. At Echo Valley, they grow and produce much of their own ingredients which are turned into a variety of healthy, farm fresh meals by the executive chef.

They grow an organic garden with a variety of fresh produce such as berries, mushrooms, vegetables and seasonal fruits. The herb garden is an aromatic pleasure to explore. They always encourage our guests to take a peek through the vegetables growing in the large root cellar and what they have fresh in their greenhouse. They also raise our own cattle, pigs, turkey and chickens. Their "100 meter diet" is something we are proud to share with our guests.

Meals are shared in family style dining giving the opportunity to interact and meet fellow guests and staff from all over the world.