Whether you are looking for a friendly family Scottish hostel, a Scottish camping holiday, group accommodation in Scotland, or just a place to kick back and relax surrounded by some of the best outdoor adventures, Comrie Croft is the perfect fit.

Comrie Croft Estate is run by a small but dynamic team made up of Andrew, Col, David, Fee, George, Malcolm, Malize and Andi. It sits on 100 hectares on the edge of the Scottish highlands and is surrounded by a mix of lush forests, semi-natural habitats and ancient farmland. It offers its guests the ultimate outdoor experience with activities ranging from camping to mountain biking.

The Estate is right in the middle of Scotland and despite its proximity to big cities it hosts one of the most stunning wilderness and wildlife that Scotland has to offer. Surrounded by breathtaking mountains ranges and landscapes it provides its guests boundless opportunities to view a number endangered wild species, such as Ospreys, Red Kites, Roe and Red Deer, Barn Owls and Red Squirrels. The outdoor scenery, wildlife and immersion in nature are some of the most appealing features of Comrie Croft. It strikes the delicate balance between sustainable comfort, wild living and privacy. It is family friendly and truly the nature and outdoor lover’s pick.

Comrie Croft focuses its conservation efforts on restoring the biodiversity on degraded farmlands. It works to balance the use of land for recreation, settlement and food production with the conservation of iconic species such as the red kites, ospreys and red squirrels. Comrie Croft actively involves its guests in its conservation activities by offering them unique incentives to be more environmentally conscious during their stay. It offers accommodation at discounted rates for those who as it puts it ‘use their own steam’ and walk, bike or even skateboard to Comrie Croft!

Comrie Croft is strongly committed to maintaining good ties with its neighbours. It actively supports community-driven initiatives such as the conversion of abandoned farmlands into public squares, which serve as meeting places for this close community.