Coconut Lagoon is located in the Kerala district of Kuttanad, or “the land of the short people”. A wag has it that this name came about because the folks here are always knee deep in paddy fields. A beautiful heritage backwater resort on the lakeside in Kerala, on the Vembanad Lake, Coconut Lagoon is a 10-minute boat ride from Kavanatinkara boat landing. 

There are so many facets to the Coconut Lagoon experience. The heritage of the old feudal villages of Malabar. The vast frolic of the Vembanad lake. The shimmering waters of the canals that criss-cross the property. The flavour bursts of Kerala home-style cooking.
Together, they are a celebration of harmony, life and natural beauty that touches every sense and takes you into a world still unsullied by modern ways.

There’s only one way to get to Coconut Lagoon: over the water. More than 8 of Coconut Lagoon’s 30 acres are actually given over to rice cultivation. Not quite what you’d expect from a holiday resort? Well, sit back, relax and explore. You’ll find much that defies easy definition.

The distinctive architecture of Coconut Lagoon has its own tales to tell. Some of these mansions are over 150 years old, and were transplanted here, beam by beam, timber by timber, from the old houses of the county that had fallen to ruin. 

The comfortable villas will have different beds, cupboards and chests of drawers that have been sourced from traditional homes and from the famed craftsmen of the region. Furnishings rely on local materials, offset with linen, rough-woven cotton and other natural fabrics.

Coconut’s kitchens will treat you to fantastic food. The common ingredients of traditional Kerala cooking is used to serve guests the most authentic, home-cooked Kerala food. Expect genuine fish curry, tapioca with crushed bird’s eye chili and much more. 

There is lots to do at Coconut Lagoon: explore life on the backwaters, visit the bird sanctuary and farms, swim in the pool, learn to cook with spices, spend a morning doing yoga or meditating. A boat cruise on the lake is a must!