Shopping in Nashville

When we shop Mañana style, we don´t go for big, heartless, inexpensive stores and neither should you. The only thing we might keep is inexpensive.

Shopping in Nashville

It´s Nashville Y´all!

I went to Nashville to try out the best restaurants, hotels, and antique stores! Here´s the first part - Favourite places to eat.

Nashville restaurant guide

Labour Day Decadence

This is where the party's at! No better place at Labour Day but in the smack of Crown Heights in Brooklyn, at the West Indies Parade.

New York

We are all tourists

Enough with the bad connotation of the word "tourist"! Let's reclaim the word and lead the way for a better, smarter, much more fun touristing.

Tourism, Personal

A Swedish podcast

More than the site, we do a podcast. But sorry most of the world, it´s in Swedish.


Ethical Destinations 2016

We are always on the outlook for other companies, organizations and individuals that are actively working to change the world to the better through traveling.

How to be a conscious traveler

The Tourism Paradox

The huge power travelers have can go both ways. We should continue to travel but do it better!

Conscious traveling, sustainability

Good morning sweden!

Today we were invited to Swedens biggest morning TV show, to talk about our site and about conscious hotels in general.