How I became a camper (well, glamper to be exact)

Glamping is definitely here to stay and we have the places to visit

Camping, Glamping

Volunteer on an Organic Farm!

If you want to go further (and much cheaper!) than to make you´re stay Green, Fair, and Supportive, you can work on an organic farm.


An Amateur's Guide To Lisbon

Happy to share my current favorite bars and restaurants in magical Lisbon. Make Lisbon your next destination!

Portugal, personal, food

"People want to fly"

Demand for air travel is expected to double in 20 years. This is very, very bad news.

Air travel

This is you

Here´s a little reminder on why we started this website!

Who is the conscious traveler?

No bathroom brakes for hotel workers

Not you´re usual vacation inspiration, but as a traveler, you should know this too.

Why does it matter where you stay?

A postcard from Geneva

You need to up your game Geneva! Now a wasteland for sustainable accommodation options. Ditch Geneva and instead head to the Alps!

Geneva, unsustainable

Who is paying for your "good service"?

Migrant workers are constantly being unfairly paid in the hotel buisness.

Why does it matter where you stay?