Vintage shopping in Topanga

Malin Möller - August 18th 2017

Vintage shopping LA Topanga

Topanga and it´s people is a runway for fantastic vintage looks á la Lisa Bonet at its best, and then all variations down from that. To really complete your Topanga look, combine one of the vintage stores below with a t-shirt, dress or hat from Pebbles

Dust and Fog

PC: AnnaMariaFotograf 

While vintage shopping can be exhausting with a lot of junk to dig through to get to the diamonds, there are places that did the work for you. At Dust and Fog you´ll find a well curated collection of vintage clothing, together with new stuff such as candles and jewellery. 

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137 N Topanga Canyon Blvd

Topanga CA 90290 USA


hidden treasures

PC: AnnaMariaFotograf 

This is where you get serious. Hidden Treasures really is what it says and you can find everything and more at this wonderfully crazy store. Peak season and when they really show what they´re made of, is Halloween, when people travel from all over LA to get dressed out and up. Growing up close to this store though, I can warn you, might lead to your kids wearing odd hats to most of their outfits, or a dead looking bird attached to their shoulder going to school. 

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154 S Topanga Canyon Blvd

Topanga, CA 90290


LA´s 4th Sunday Flea Market

PC: Topanga Flea Market

On the 4th Sunday of every month the flea market comes to town. This is not to be missed of course. Compared to the other Sundays this market is usually a little less crowded. Find everything from civil war art to seventies Pendleton jackets. During summer months, make sure to bring lots of water and a hat to hide from the sun in (in case you don´t find any within the first five metres).

Pierce College

Victory Blvd at Mason Ave

Woodland Hills, CA 91306

See calender for the Flea market here.

Last but not least, if two ladies has their hangers out next to the road on N Topanga Canyon Blvd, make sure to stop and have a look. They always have great stuff and good prices.