The Lazy Person's Guide to Saving the World

Lisa Orrenius - October 27th 2017

live sustainably

So much we should do. Bad conscious constantly picking at us.

Of course I'm recycling. Duh.

Yes, I study labels closely when I shop. And am getting more and more inventive in using leftovers. 

And yes, I think twice before choosing to fly and where I stay when I travel (obviously!)

But it's not enough is it? Reading any report on future of climate, levels of poverty, injustice, inequality, violent conflicts or (insert your crisis of choice) is such a depressant that it's easy to feel that it doesn't matter what we do as individuals. 

It matters. 

I think we know it does, but we need to remind ourselves often. And it's more than the act itself; it's us thinking about this, talking about it, helping making new, good habits the new normal. 

It's on us. Every single person, no matter how lazy or indifferent, is part of the solution. 

The United Nations has put together this great list of simple things we can, no should do in order to help the world achieve the 17 global goals our leaders have agreed upon. There are three lists, depending on your ambition and energy levels. 

First, there are things you can do from your couch - sign up for mail-less services from your bank. Share, don't just like good social media posts. Stay informed and speak up. 

Next up, stuff you can do at home - simple and smart hacks that make a difference. Get a rug. Don't rinse. Avoid pre-heating the oven.

And for the most ambitious lazy person, there are a number of things you could do outside your home. Ask at restaurants and shops for sustainable fish and good meats. Shop local. Donate what you don't use. Vote for the right people!

Of course, lots and lots to add to these lists but tick off these and you're off to a great start!