Swimming pools we love!

Malin Möller - February 9th 2017

travel inspiration

If you are searching the site for amazing places to do your laps, here is some help on the way. The one above is from this place in Greece.

AltaGracia, costa rica

Costa Rica is known as a very popular destinations for nature lovers and here it boarders nature porn. This place is a home-style Boutique Hacienda with spectacular views, from where you can enjoy beautiful Costa Rica, poolside.

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amanyara, turks & caicos

Do you see yourself leaned at one of those poles in a flowery dress at sunset? I guess we´re two then. 

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santani, sri lanka

I can´t quite say what is getting me so excited about this one, other that it´s fun - it´s a pool with a roof, inside but also outside at the same time. Like a cave but at the same time clean and fancy. As much as we love the classic take, we also want to celebrate different thinking in the pool area.

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six senses, yao noi

I totally want to move in. If I can´t stay for life, a week will do.

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clublevante, italy

There is something with these infinity pools that simply will never go out of style. 

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