Love Trumps Hate

Lisa Orrenius - November 15th 2016

US, Politics

Apologies for turning this travel blog into a political blog but it’s honestly quite hard to think about much else, even now a full week after the train wreck.

And things are connected, aren’t they? Trump – policies – climate – environment – human respect – sustainability – responsibility for our world and our future. Planet and people. And that’s ultimately what Manana is about as well; our little contribution to help people make better choices in their lives, when they travel to be exact.

It matters. It matters more than ever. 

I have been feeling very down. I am naturally a very pragmatic and optimistic person, quick to have a plan b up my sleeve, one that I extremely fast convince myself was just as good – perhaps even better! – than the original plan. And I have had moments over the past week when I have seen glimpses of hopes, almost convincing myself that we can put a positive spin on this nightmare. It hasn’t lasted long. I read an article about Trump’s top picks for cabinet and I’m face down in the dirt again. I find myself stare far too long at that awkward photo of Obama meeting the Donald in the White House. My 7-year old son repeating the words “President Trump” in disbelief. 

But then. This morning. This extremely wet, dull and grey November Tuesday morning, I trudged as usual through Union Square subway station between trains and my world lit up. Thousands of colorful post-its were plastered over the tiled walls. Thousand little messages filled with love, hope and more love. People kept adding. People stopped to read. People smiled and nodded to each other. It was beautiful. 

These notes matters. Love trumps hate.