Lodge Bread

Malin Möller - May 16th 2017

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Sara shoved me in her car this morning telling me she HAD to have this new coffee she found, not far from our office in Brentwood. The drive was to Culver City, this up and coming neighborhood kind of in the middle of nothing and bordered by everything; Venice, Mar Vista, West LA- still there´s kind of nothing there. Only it kind of is. If you know where to go, like Sara.

And must say we achieved the mission of really good coffee. I don´t recommend avocado toasts any longer, because I just don't. They´re everywhere, and you kind of can´t go wrong (although the one we had was great). If you´re more in the mood for fish, there´s a melted toast with albacore, or a salmon toast that is worth trying. But one thing not to miss is what they are truly known for: The Bread!!  We had fun spinning the vintage bread wheel and came home with heirloom baked goods that will make for excellent meals.