Labour Day Decadence

Lisa Orrenius - September 5th 2016

New York

Oh how I wish I could share a sound bite with you from this parade! Bells, whistles, beats, trumpets, maracas, drums in every shape and form. Add to the mix singing, wooop wooping, laughs, oh-yeah-babys.

Actually, I want to share the smells as well. Fresh pineapples, mango with chili, jerk chicken, grilled-to-perfection corn on the cobs with lime and cheese, and of course, thick like a brick of wall the sweet smell of weed. 

The West Indian Parade, taking place each year at Labour Day in Crown Heights, Brooklyn (a few block from our house) is so worth skipping the beach for. I have talked repeatedly on our podcast that September is the VERY best month to visit New York, and add this party to the list of reasons why. Feel free to just watch, smile and wave but the experience multiplies if you get into it. Get a few flags, dance to the calypso bands, put on a small star studded bikini if you dare, get that ass moving and enjoy!

The party is in fact ongoing for the whole weekend in Crown Heights (do check out Franklin Avenue if you visit; tons of great bars and restaurants and a really fun mix of old and new Brooklyn) and ends today, Labour Day, with the Parade. 

While I'm at it, here are my favorite places in Crown Heights:

  • Mayfield. Love this loosely Southern inspired restaurant. Always packed, solid food, great drinks and good vibe. A small backyard for summer nights. 
  • Barboncini. Fantastic pizza place. Cozy, fun, child friendly and at the same time cool (well done for managing this!). Plus there is burrata. 
  • Franklin Park. Bar and beer garden, with great reading night events.
  • The bearded lady. Bordering to my hood Prospect Heights, super friendly, casual and great bar with 1 dollar happy hour oysters and delish cocktails. 

Labour Day in Crown Heights 2017?