In Swedish ELLE today!

Malin Möller - May 17th 2017


As everybody knows, the Swede´s are way ahead in everything. (Or are we biased..?) Anyways, today´s Swedish ELLE Magazine just published a list of the best sustainable things out there - from fashion, to food, to jewellery, to.....YES Travel!! 

And for you who don´t read Swedish, here is what it says, about us, in the right corner:


Malin Möller and Lisa Orrenius were tired of their bad travel-conscience for everything from bad working conditions to lousy environmental concerns in hotels. That's why they started, a site that collects hotels with focus on sustainability and fair working conditions.

- Travel is the world's largest economic sector and thus an opportunity to change the world at all aspects; For women's rights, for the environment and for locals in the most vulnerable parts of the world. For us it is an obvious choice, and therefore we started Manana, they say to ELLE.