How I became a camper (well, glamper to be exact)

Lisa Orrenius - November 7th 2016

Camping, Glamping

I never (ever) considered myself a camping person until we moved to Zimbabwe. Here camping was not a moldy sagging tent, barely held up with improvised rocks and sticks since always, always tent pegs were missing. Here camping was not noodles and cheap pesto cooked mushy in a too-small pot on an unstable portable stove. Nor was it lukewarm drinks in plastic cups or uncomfortable chairs (=rocks).

No, oh no. In Zimbabwe camping was comfortable big tents, fluffy duvets and pillows, plush chairs perched by the Zambezi, just about the right distance from lurking crocs and hippos. It was gin and tonic with ice, in real glasses, made possible by the camp fridge in the car; it was chili, guacamole and cold beer, it was swinging string of lights between the jacaranda trees. It was wild and it was as close to perfect as it gets in life.

So I became a camper. A camper-in-style. Or glamper if you wish. Marry the wilderness, solitude and nature with a few selected comforts and quality-of-life-improvers and I’m in. This is a winner. 

Portugal Nature Lodge

Glamping has become a thing lately. Or in Zimbabwe and I’m sure in lots of other places around the world where they have figured out leisure life, it’s always been a thing, but now it’s spreading like wildfire. More people want to get out in nature when they are off work, to live a simpler life for a few days, sitting by a fire, falling asleep to the sounds of nature. Of course they do.

More and more Glamping places are on offer and we have gathered a bunch of them here at Manana. We have them in Portugal (many!), we have them in Panama, in Mongolia, Wales, Sweden, Chile, USA, Kenya, Namibia and in several of other destinations. They come as yurts, tents, tree houses and other inventive forms that I cannot even begin to describe. Some very simple, others are pure luxury. They all however enjoy the luxury of nature. Explore our ever growing collection of Glamping places here.

Eco Camp Patagonia, Chile

Camping 2.0 is here to stay. Effortless, inspiring experiences in the middle of nature while at the same time whipping up some cushy digs. Who does not want a piece of that?

Cosy under Canvas, Wales

Ps. Some new, purely amazing lodges in Zimbabwe also coming up on the site soon. Go visit this beautiful country for top-notch safari!