Election day!

Malin Möller - November 8th 2016

Why does it matter where you stay?

Wether you like the idea or not, we are here now.

The earth is home to billions of people who are not always the most considerate tenants. Years of abuse has set it´s mark on this brilliant planet and we have no choice but to change, or we will be thrown off eventually.

Among all the different approaches out there, to how this change is going to look, we choose this: To continue with what we are doing and what we like but in a better way.

Drive an electric car. Refill your metallic water bottle. Write on recycled paper. Buy organic food. And travel to a hotel that is committed to manage their business in a sustainable way.

Then there´s people everywhere you travel. They may not have your advantages in life, but when you come to visit their part of the world, you better behave. And more then that, your visit should be seen as something positive, like with all good guests. By letting the hotel sector provide fair paying jobs for the locals and by supporting the communities where the hotels are located, that can be done. You can go on vacation without being a bad person, but only if you don´t do bad things.

Do not panic. A few years ago it might have been hard to travel with a clean conscious. Today it´s almost too easy.

There´s hundreds of places all over the world where you can go on vacation and feel good about your self. When you pick your hotel on mananatravel.com, you know that the trash is recycled and that the lady making your bed can pay her own medical insurance. Not only do you have a great time, relaxing by the pool - you are leaving a footprint of your stay in the most positive ways, namely Green, Fair and Supportive.

Explore our basic criterias or go straight to the hotels.

And if you are an American, today is the day you can really make a difference. Tomorrow we can (and we hope for this to happen more than anything) celebrate the first female president into the White House! Not only is she female, she promotes the shift into salar energy, and believes we need to address the issue of climate change NOW. Are you with her?