Concrete, Ocean, White and Blue!

Malin Möller - January 19th 2017

style inspiration Greece

For me, the most challenging thing when shopping for my home is to follow the theme I come up with.  It goes like this; my home is mostly white, mixed with natural colors and wood. I like to add a pattern or a color, a crazy sculpture or vase in gold with flowers, just to break it up. To accent.

The problem is that I never buy these things that are supposed to create the base. I only buy the little thing breaking it up - over and over again. The result? Obviously no one should describe my home as a white, natural, clean environment. Quite the opposite. A kelim rug in pink and brown, the mexican throws, the crazy vietnamese painting, the pillows in african patterns.

This might be part of why I love hotels so much. The way your body rests when the surroundings are clean and every detail creates a part of the whole. Like the gorgeous Bellonia Beach Villas on the Greek Island of Santorini.  Dreamy creams and whites, natural woods and natural materials scream peace and serenity. Don't get me wrong, I love the kaliedoscope of colors my home has become, enriched by all the travel treasures, but Greece always puts my heart, eyes and soul to ease.  

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