Brooklyn Beyond Williamsburg (3)

Lisa Orrenius - May 2nd 2018

Brooklyn guide

Save up to a good hunger, head to Park Slope and step into the warmth of tiny 5ive Spice. Snatch a seat at the bar and settle in. Study the menu carefully and get down to business.

5ive spice is one of those Asian fusion places that just works. In fact, it works so well that sometimes I work from home just to be able to lunch here. It’s mostly Vietnamese but you can get tacos. Vietnamesey tacos that is with somehow both crispy and soft shell filled to the brim (it will be sloppy) with for example slow-braised beef, or why not shrimp and ground pork, plus all sorts of salsas. If it’s a cold day though, the huge bowls of slurping pho is the only option. To die for. 

Best for lunch I think as there is no wait (plus they serve no booze and somehow that’s more okay for lunch than dinners I think).

Cheap, cute, friendly and ridiculously delicious!