Brooklyn beyond Williamsburg (1)

Lisa Orrenius - May 2nd 2018

Brooklyn guide

This is how it will go down at Sahadi’s: you enter the small door into the crowded noisy store (here you briefly wonder if you’re up for the chaos, but let me tell you, yes you are). So, you grab a basket (you’ll need at least one) and reply to the welcoming thrown at you from one of the guys ready to scope up olives, nuts, dried fruits or any other thing they stock in big barrels and glass containers. 


You take a number, and while you wait your turn, you stroll over to the hummus-and-other-dips-and-pies deli desk and contemplate what you will buy. You will buy these things: warm pita bread, babaganoush, hummus, labneh, little flaky pies filled with spinach and feta, tabbouleh, hot flatbreads with zataar. Plus some olives and nuts of course. And shy not throw in a couple of cheeses.

Feeling done? Ok, now you head towards the cashier, grabbing a few drinks on your way, chat with the cashier lady and be on your way. Bag(s) filled with goodies in hand, your next destination is the Brooklyn Bridge Park s couple of blocks down Atlantic Avenue. Find the little park on the pier in front of Fornino pizza, kick off your shoes and feast on your picnic with lower Manhattan in front of you.

You’re welcome. 

Sahadis, 187 Atlantic Ave, Brooklyn

Hours: 9.00 am - 7.00 pm Mon-Sat (closed Sun)