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Who is paying for your "good service"?

Migrant workers are constantly being unfairly paid in the hotel buisness.

Why does it matter where you stay?

Why does it matter where you stay?

Child labor and global warming might be the last thing you want to think of when you´re on vacation. But you probably don´t want to contribute to it either?

Why does it matter where you stay?


One of the best Ethical Destinations 2016

Where to travel next


A pretty moviestar - but also one of the best Ethical Destinations 2015

Where to travel next

An african home

You wan´t to add an african vibe to your home? Here is your inspiration.

interior design inspo

Hotels in Nashville

Here is where you stay.

Nashville hotels

Shopping in Nashville

When we shop Mañana style, we don´t go for big, heartless, inexpensive stores and neither should you. The only thing we might keep is inexpensive.

Shopping in Nashville

It´s Nashville Y´all!

I went to Nashville to try out the best restaurants, hotels, and antique stores! Here´s the first part - Favourite places to eat.

Nashville restaurant guide