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How to travel in Bhutan

The country that measures its wealth in happiness, is not the easiest traveled.

Local organizations

Cabo Verde

One of the best Ethical Destinations of 2016, acknowledged for their green efforts and their work for gender equality.

Where to travel next

Travelers report - Belize

We had a talk with Swedish blogger, shoe designer and entrepreneur Cecilia Blankens who has been to the amazing Turtle Inn on Belize.

Travelers report

Make your home your own hotel

Creating our dream home I suddenly realize - this is a conscious hotel.

think like a hotel

Election day!

It´s election day here in the US and more than ever, that gives us a reason to think about what kind of footprint we want to leave.

Why does it matter where you stay?

Volunteer on an Organic Farm!

If you want to go further (and much cheaper!) than to make you´re stay Green, Fair, and Supportive, you can work on an organic farm.


This is you

Here´s a little reminder on why we started this website!

Who is the conscious traveler?

No bathroom brakes for hotel workers

Not you´re usual vacation inspiration, but as a traveler, you should know this too.

Why does it matter where you stay?