Lisa Orrenius

Iusto iusto non doloribus dicta sint. Laboriosam at id tempore occaecati dicta enim. Eveniet hic et quibusdam aperiam.

"People want to fly"

Demand for air travel is expected to double in 20 years. This is very, very bad news.

Air travel

A postcard from Geneva

You need to up your game Geneva! Now a wasteland for sustainable accommodation options. Ditch Geneva and instead head to the Alps!

Geneva, unsustainable

Labour Day Decadence

This is where the party's at! No better place at Labour Day but in the smack of Crown Heights in Brooklyn, at the West Indies Parade.

New York

We are all tourists

Enough with the bad connotation of the word "tourist"! Let's reclaim the word and lead the way for a better, smarter, much more fun touristing.

Tourism, Personal

The Tourism Paradox

The huge power travelers have can go both ways. We should continue to travel but do it better!

Conscious traveling, sustainability

You just can't be Fabio, dad!

Learning to surf demands a Fabio.

Portugal, personal, surf

We bought a house in Portugal

It wasn't part of the plan. It really wasn't. We are not house owners, we have always said. Plus, didn't we just decide to travel more to Mexico?

Portugal, personal