6 hours in Seoul

Lisa Orrenius - November 8th 2017

Korea, travel guide

I'm in Seoul, the capital of South Korea, and after meetings were all done and dusted I ventured out to see as much as possible of the city in 6 hours. 

I thought I was leaving Trump behind in the US, but wrong I was. The peach is here as well, definitely not to everyone's joy. 

I think the Korean had the upper hand though.

I stepped not over but on Trump and continued my walk. On to the Gyeongbokgung Palace, the main royal palace from 1395. The grounds were huge and largely empty and I immediately wanted to be transported back to its heydays. I always get that desire in historical places. 

The palace suffered enormous damages under the Japanese colonial rule between 1910-1945 but most of it has been restored. Definitely worth a stroll for 3USD.

On we go!

I exited the northern gate, took a left and headed up the hill towards the Bukchon hank Village. This is a 600 year old traditional Korean village in the middle of modern bustling Seoul. Tiny alleys are lined with beautiful small houses and tea houses. My feet were a bit tired by now so a pot of tea along with some rice cakes were perfect. 

Down the hill again, I steered my feet to the Insa-dong neighborhood, where old meets new. Here you'll find tons of art galleries, modern tea shops and restaurants. I had a quick peek into the Gana Art Gallery and would have loved to see more of the art. 

There's a fun shopping center, Ssamzigil in the heart of Insa-dong, with lots of little shops selling colorful Korean crafts and other stuff. Good place for gifts. 

Then it was time for more tea. I mean how can you resist when the places look like this!?

By now my 6 hours were up. Had only time for a quick bibimbap before it was time to head back to the hotel. Would love to come back.