The Mañana Story

The story of Mañana is a story of the future of traveling, and it all started with a feeling of unease, an insight that we, when we traveled, were actually part of a problem.

Like so many of you, we lived lives where we tried to make good choices: to reduce waste, to act humanely, support good causes and to be kind to people around us. But when going on our well-deserved vacation, there was a nagging feeling something was missing, something being a bit off. While sitting in the taxi from the airport we felt a bit disturbed, on our way to a resort where normal rules were taken out of play. For a week we were supposed to put blinders on and ENJOY. And we did this for years - we closed our eyes to the plastic bottles, to staff looking distressed and unhappy, to the high walls surrounding the hotel, to eating endangered fish for dinner at the fancy hotel restaurant at night. But the feeling of unease didn´t go away - it grew stronger.

So. We had to act on the feeling inside of us, the urge to bring our normal morale along on our vacations, packed in with sunglasses and a longing for new experiences.

The difficulty in doing so was obvious for us the minute we wanted to change our traveling habits. Searching for better hotel options led us to a jungle of certifications, and if anything, we got more confused. Nowhere could we find a booking site free of filthy hotels, but instead jam packed with fantastic, right-thinking hotels.

How could this not exist?

A firm conviction that most people would like to choose a better option, like us, but didn´t know where to look, got us going!

After this point, there was no turning back. Once we learned how the traveling sector is the biggest area of human trafficking, how unbelievable wasteful hotels often are and how tourism continue to put pressure on local communities with no support in return, we knew we had found our purpose. We have taken on a BIG suit in this project - to work actively against filthy traveling all over the world, and to change habits of more people than the already conscious clusters. And nothing had ever felt better, or more fun, to put our efforts into; as Ghandi once said: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.”

Luckily we know that the world is full of people like us, people yearning to be part of creating a better world by actively making choices where their choices and money help to build a good future, people who want their traveling to help communities flourish and provide livelihood to people.

The amazing thing about this is that we are actually coming to a set table.

Many people, way smarter than us, understood way back what we now get, so a world of possibilities, really truly fantastic ones exist for us all to enjoy. There are thousands of places around the world with the common denominator of consciousness and the desire to contribute to a better world. The only thing we had to do is gather them, making prosperity greater for all.

This is only the beginning, every day we are adding new amazing hotels to the site and we won´t stop until filthy traveling is nothing but an embarrassing memory for all of us.

Welcome along!