Q & A

Does the booking take place on your site?

We cooperate with booking.com, one of the most comprehensive online booking sites. We have chosen booking.com as a partner since they offer price matching, are available to help 24/7 and allow great flexibility. Going through the carefully selected hotels at mananatravel.com however ensures you choose the right hotel for you.

How do you guarantee that all the hotels on your site fulfill the Mañana criteria?

We carefully research each hotel before we include them at Mañana and do our utmost to ensure they are advanced in their thinking and actions in the areas green, fair and supportive (the three Mañana criteria areas). However, given the quick movements in the hotel world, we can never guarantee that each hotel at all times live up to all our criteria. Most likely though, they do more than we ask! Here we are dependent on feedback from our travelers who we encourage to share with us their experiences – good and bad - from staying at the Mañana hotels. We do guarantee we follow up on this input.

How do you deal with hotels that you know are not meeting all criteria?

The conduciveness and difficulties for meeting our criteria obviously vary wildly between different parts of the world. At times, we choose to include hotels that have come far, but not all they way, but that, more importantly, have the right instincts and energy to “do right.” We have learned that work in the sustainability field is always ongoing and that the places that are serious about this always set new goals to raise the bar. They are never ”done” making improvements. Neither are we by the way!

If we are not happy with the hotel we choose through Mañana, how do we complain?

We very much welcome all types of feedback from you about the hotels, particularly if you feel that the hotel does not meet the criteria, or if we provide inaccurate information. You can reach us at info@mananatravel.com. If you have complaints about the hotel in general and your booking was made through booking.com this is where you should address your complain.

Why are your criteria so low set? All hotels should fulfill those.

We know. That, and more, is what we are hoping for in the future. But for now, sadly, far from all hotels fulfill our criteria. But we choose to set our criteria at this level for now, to get volume enough so that no one should have to turn to dirty travel sites. We want to have the best possible hotel for every need and location, and we won’t get there by setting our standards too high.

I know of a hotel that should be part of Mañana – where should I turn?

Great! Send the name and info to us right away at info@mananatravel.com