The Mañana Criteria

All hotels on are committed to leave a clear and positive footprint, aiming for their business to operate under the following criteria.

Energy conservation:
  • Concretely work on curbing their electric usage with measures adopted to minimize overall energy consumption.
  • Use natural energy sources to greatest extend possible and an action plan in place for how they will increasingly use renewable energy in the near future.
Water conservation:
  • Concretely work to improve water efficiency with measures adopted to minimize overall water consumption.
  • Serve only local water in the form most suitable for respective hotel (i.e. no imported water).
  • Use waste water recycling to ensure re-usage of waste water.
Waste management:
  • Have recycling programme in place with mechanisms to reduce waste.
  • Efforts to avoid amenities wastage, such as choosing less packaging and environmentally friendly materials.
  • Use composting techniques.
  • Have guests recycle bins available.
Ecological awareness:
  • Avoid unnecessary and dangerous chemical cleaning products.
  • Apply a conscious, water-preserving washing policy.
  • Consider sustainable design, construction, and operation principles in new developments to ensure respect for natural and cultural heritage surroundings.

  • Source employees and seek collaborations primarily from the local community.
  • Pay employees just wages and treat staff with dignity and respect.
  • Offer employees professional development opportunities, including staff education in environmental and sustainable practices.
  • Have a gender policy in place, with equal employment opportunities to women, local minorities and others, including in management positions, while restraining child labor.

  • Maximize social and economic benefits for the local community and minimize negative impacts.
  • Cooperate with and use local suppliers and businesses for materials, food, plants etc.
  • Actively support local development needs and projects.
  • Comply with local laws, including national/local tax laws.