The Mañana Concept

Why Mañana?

After years of traveling and of staying at different hotels around the world, we have come to this conclusion: We want to continue having great experiences, we want to get pampered, but at the same time we want to know that people and the environment where we go are treated with respect. We are tired of “filthy traveling” – instead we want to see communities blossom from tourism, we want our vacation to leave a footprint, but a positive one. While this may sound obvious for most people, it ́s not – yet. Therefore, we started Mañana - an online hotel listing service and community for Green, Fair and Supportive hotels and their guests.

Question mark and steps
Green leaves

Expect more than Eco.

Consumer attitudes and behaviors are changing faster than ever before and we are convinced that the travelers will more and more demand hotels that have a conscious and integrated approach to more than “just” being green. On Mañana we have set our own criteria, including human rights and local development, to help guests navigate past hotels claiming to be eco simply because they don ́t clean your towel every day. We are not a new certification; we see ourselves as an umbrella for all the good ones already existing.

Giving Back.
And back.

Through Mañana, we want to help drive this change, by helping the hotels under our umbrella to communicate to a wider audience. But also to expand the base of Green, Fair and Supportive hotels by investing profit and time to help the hotels that do not yet fulfill all of our criterial, but indeed want to. Our aim is to facilitate a knowledge transfer between hotels so they can learn from each other.

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Thinking globe

Let travel
transform our world.

In the macro perspective, travel is so much more than a little something you do on your free- time. Tourism is today one of the largest and fastest-growing economic sectors in the world. It contributes 9 per cent to global GDP, accounts for one in 11 jobs worldwide, and for 6 per cent of global exports. In other words, it’s a force to be reckoned with, with an ability to truly transform communities and make a positive impact on people’s lives and on the environment. We want to help ensuring that the impact is positive and transformative.

The best hotels are
Green, Fair & Supportive.

We have found the hotels with the "right" mindset to be right on everything else too: location and design are almost always fantastic on otherwise Fair, Green and Supportive hotels, and they offer amazing activities and experiences. The challenge is to find them. There are collections and there are labels, eco and green – there’s a whole world to explore (often a quite messy jungle to be honest), if you have time to do the research. Since we can ́t imagine a single reason why anyone should choose to travel differently, we figured finding the places, was the only obstacle.

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Future flying shoes

The future is here.

Reading reports in traveling, studying forecasts and simply talking to people, in the travel business and travelers themselves, has painted us a pretty clear picture – we are on the right track; this is the future. Conscious hotels are still insufficiently exposed. The booking websites often stick the eco-friendly hotels in a little corner somewhere, the humane and community aspects are not even accounted for. But the demand is already here. By giving people an easy way to choose right, we will help flip the perspective, so that conscious traveling is seen as the new normal. Filthy travel is, and is supposed to feel dated, like not recycling your garbage or leave the water running in your kitchen for hours. You know this.